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About HEG Engineering Services

Based in Saint Michael, Barbados, HEG Engineering Services has been designing, installing, repairing and servicing in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for over 10 years. HEG Engineering Services has a strong focus of providing their clients with superior customer service. They understand the needs of the engineering industry while providing environmentally responsible solutions to their clients.

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Why Joblogic?

Managing Director, Grantley Parris, realised that his business was wasting too much time on paperwork and general business processes. He was looking for a more efficient solution which increased workforce productivity and customer communication.

The Results of Using Joblogic:

In 2016, HEG Engineering Services started using Joblogic’s HVAC software to streamline their service operations. They’ve now seen the following benefits:

  • Reduced paperwork – Before implementing Joblogic, HEG Engineering Services used a large amount of paperwork when it came to viewing the work history of their clients. Now, they have moved away from paperwork and processes are much easier to follow.
  • A singular system Joblogic’s all-in-one HVAC solution has given HEG Engineering Services a single system where they can view task histories for specific clients. This particularly helps when a new member of staff has been employed and they can see what work has been previously carried out for each client.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Since using Joblogic, HEG Engineering Services now has a retrospective understanding of certain customers when attending new jobs and allow their clients to have real-time access to updates with the customer portal.

Joblogic’s easy-to-use invoicing software feature enables a clear electronic paper trail, allowing HEG Engineering Services to send invoices and get paid faster.

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