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Streamline your field service business with Joblogic’s market-leading online invoicing software. Designed to work with both enterprise organisations and small businesses.

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Joblogic field service online invoicing software gives businesses the freedom to generate invoices that are customised, paperless and bill your customers anytime, anywhere. With Joblogic, you can minimise the administrative burden by automating the entire invoice generation process, saving time, boosting productivity and increasing your company’s cash flow.

Link Your Online Invoicing Software to Your Accounts

To save even more time in the office, Joblogic can sync directly with popular accounts packages such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero. Read more about our accounts integration software.


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A Single Solution to All Invoice Requirements

Joblogic’s online invoice management software gives you the versatility to deliver invoices in any way you like. This enables you to create:

  • Job-by-job invoices: Upon job completion, your team can immediately price it up and send a professionally branded invoice to the customer. Each customer has set rates for labour and material mark-ups which makes pricing a job easier than ever. The field service invoice app simplifies the process further by automatically calculating timesheets and used parts against the job.
  • Batch invoices: This option lets you print or email all invoices and associated job documents, such as job sheets and other forms, at the same time. In a busy maintenance environment, this can save hours or even days of work each month.
  • Consolidated invoices: This is a great method for customers who complete numerous jobs in a calendar month. With Joblogic customer invoice software, you can easily create a single invoice that details multiple jobs with each detailed as a separate line.
  • Quick Filters: Use quick filters to allow for regularly used searches to be more easily applied when required.
  • Purchase Order Invoices: Raise and manage your Purchase Order Invoices so you can assign them and track them against the jobs they’re associated with.
  • Subcontractor Invoices: Raise and manage invoices for the subcontractors you use in the same system as everything else so you can easily keep track of what they’ve charged and pass on the correct costs to the end customer.
Use Online Invoicing Software to Create Your Own Templates – Section Image

Use Online Invoicing Software to Create Your Own Templates

With Joblogic online invoicing software, you can go above and beyond expectations by creating professionally branded invoice templates to send to your customers. You can either select an existing template to edit from our library or design your own from scratch. The choice is yours. Our custom template builder is a great addition to your field service arsenal. It allows you to detail all essential job costing information - including line items, total cost, due date and payment options – and keep your recognised branding and messaging at the very forefront. You can also save your favourite templates for quick and easy access when you next need them. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have an invoice template that is professional, detailed and consistent. Perfect for customer retention.

Automate Invoices for Planned Maintenance with Online Invoices Software – Section Image

Automate Invoices for Planned Maintenance

If your company offers planned maintenance contracts, then you'll benefit from the frequent billing feature of our invoice management software. Joblogic allows you to set up an automated invoicing schedule for fixed amounts. All you need to do is enter the contract amount, select the invoice frequency and Joblogic will calculate each invoice value for you. It's a simple click of a button to print or email the invoices straight to your customers. This feature is particularly useful for businesses who may want to bill an annual maintenance contract in bite-size monthly instalments

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Invoicing Software

Field service invoicing software is a specialist form of invoice management software that’s designed for use by small businesses and enterprise organisations who need their engineers or field teams to generate invoices whilst they are out of the office on location. By connecting to the core system via a mobile app your mobile workforce can create invoices on-site, and they will be automatically added to the core system when the app connects to the internet.

Yes. Our invoice management software can be used by your team of field service engineers when they are on location at a job. They can do this by accessing our field service invoice app which is connected to the central cloud-based invoice management software. The app is usable on both iOS and Android devices and connects straight to the central system, which can be integrated into your accounting software and your billing software for a seamless experience for all of your employees.