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Integrate your helpdesk, field engineers, subcontractor management and customers in a single cloud based CAFM system.

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Facilities management companies process a high volume of low value jobs. It’s critical that job scheduling and dispatch to mobile operatives, whether directly employed or contractors, is as efficient as possible.

Once the job is deployed, the back office need real time visibility of the job status so that SLAs are met and customers are kept happy.

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Key things you should look for in facilities management software

Saving potentials from Facilities Management Software

One of the key saving potentials for businesses using Joblogic is in cost transparency. Joblogic offers a seamless connection between its facilities management modules and a range of financial software suites, meaning it’s almost certain that a company can cut the amount of manual data input per job, saving time and more importantly ensuring data consistency.

It’s also possible to track trends in costs, allowing companies to understand where they can make savings on both planned and reactive maintenance jobs, giving a further saving potential.

Using FM Software to forecast future needs

Facilities management software like Joblogic allows companies to analyse their business ahead of new tenders and contracts by studying trends in previous planned and reactive maintenance jobs. This in turn makes it easier to make more competitive bids when tendering, without causing issues to current contracts. Having all job data on demand such as how SLA targets have been met and planned maintenance that has been done also helps to improve a company’s position when renewing existing contracts.

Improve customer service with Facilities Management Software

Because Joblogic integrates everything from schedules of rates to regulatory forms, all paperwork is held in one place, keeping everything organized. This is important for customers on the ground who inevitably get frustrated when paperwork goes amiss and has to be re-completed. It’s also good for sharing with clients who want to ensure that their SLAs are being accurately met and that all regulatory paperwork is in order.

Working with a mobile workforce

With broadband speeds now commonplace for mobile internet, it’s become increasingly possible for field engineers to work completely on the road. Having a facilities management software suite that keeps data in the cloud means that there is no need for engineers to come into the office to drop off paperwork or to collect information; all information can be sent or received from their mobile device, keeping them on the road longer.

You asked, we answered

Is it possible to see how Joblogic works prior to purchase?

Yes, it is. We understand that taking the step to bring in facilities management software is a big one and that there may be many different questions you have that are specific to your business which you need to ask before you considering buying.

Our sales team will be happy to arrange for a complete demonstration at your workplace of the full Joblogic suite so you’re happy that you are getting the FM software you need to take your business forward. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Is there training involved in using the software?

We recommend to get the most from Joblogic that we arrange training for all of your staff to show you how to use our system. Our aftersales team can arrange to come into your company to train your staff on the system to help you get moving with Joblogic.

Do we need to buy any extra computer equipment to store data?

No, this isn’t at all necessary. When using Joblogic, all your data is stored by us securely in the cloud to enable you to access it anywhere you need to. You can work offline too, with devices syncing data when they are reconnected to the internet.

Can this facilities management software grow as my business grows?

The Joblogic suite is both scalable and modular, meaning that at the beginning you can take only the modules you need and then build them up as your business grows. Our sales team can help advise what is best for you when they demonstrate the suite.

Our pricing structure is based on number of users, so that you only pay for the number of licences you actually need – further saving you money.


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