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Korellis System Control | Customer Review | | Joblogic®


Korellis Systems Control

Commercial 10 Users

About Korellis Systems Control

Founded in 1985, Korellis Systems Control is a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) service based in Hammond, Indiana, USA.

It is now so easy to bill time and materials - everything is already in the system and shows up on the invoice.

Korellis System Control
Pete Korellis
President, Korellis Systems Control
Korellis Systems Control

Why Joblogic?

Korellis Systems Control needed a simpler way to manage their mechanics and a more efficient method for handling invoices. Having already used job management software in the past, they implemented Joblogic into their business in January 2018. Since then, Korellis Systems Control has seen improvement with their overall workflow.

The Benefits of Joblogic’s HVAC Software to Korellis Systems Control

  • Korellis Systems Control enjoys the simplicity of Joblogic’s web-based HVAC software compared to the desktop version.
  • With 6 users altogether, Joblogic has enabled Korellis Systems Control to be more involved with the management of their mechanics and field staff.
  • Korellis Systems Control provided constructive suggestions which Joblogic assessed and embedded into their long-term improvement process. We are always open to customer feedback.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Invoicing and parts & labour processes are much faster and simpler for Korellis Systems Control now. This has improved the businesses' cash flow and has freed up more resources to be used on a daily basis.

Jobs can now be easily logged, scheduled and deployed to the most suitably located engineers in the field. This has enabled Korellis Control Systems to boost productivity and complete more jobs for their customers on a daily basis.

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