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HLA Services

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About HLA Services Ltd.

Established in 2003 and based in North-East England, HLA Services Ltd specialises in HVAC, mechanical and electrical servicing. HLA Services’ engineers are extremely experienced in their specialist fields and endeavour to provide the best service possible. With a multitude of compliance practices from various industry standards, you know you will receive the best compliant service.

It's a great system which we couldn’t do without.

HLA Services
Neil Henry
Service Director
HLA Services Ltd

Joblogic and HLA Services Ltd

Since 2016, HLA services used spreadsheets to manage their business but recently, have switched to Joblogic’s HVAC software. Since this change in business operations, they have found that Joblogic supports their organisation with saving time and costs.

Key Benefits of Using Joblogic:

  • The biggest change that HLA services have seen is the removal of their spreadsheet processes and going paperless. This has greatly improved their businesses’ overall efficiency.
  • HLA Services chose us as they were impressed with how our system operates in their industry. For example, we hold many compliance recommendations.  
  • HLA required a company which would improve their business practices. They feel that Joblogic has supported them to run “slicker” business operations.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic has supported HLA Services by giving them the ability to instantly invoice customers.  This has allowed them to improve their cash flow and create more time to fit in other profitable work.

HLA Services has found that Joblogic's real-time reports and custom dashboard have revolutionised their ability to capture and review customer data.

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