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Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd. | Happy Customers | Joblogic®

Building Maintenance

Kershaw Mechanical Services

Commercial 25 Users 90 Employees

Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd. are a building maintenance company, specialising in design, manufacture, supply, testing and commissioning of industrial and commercial building services. Founded in 1954, the Cambridge-based business has established itself as a leading M&E building services contractor.

Kershaw currently employs 90 members of staff, 25 of which currently use Joblogic’s building maintenance software

Live updated Planning & Predictive Scheduling for the field service engineers was critical for our operations and client delivery. The Joblogic Scheduler has already provided us with this platform and brought massive efficiencies to the planning and management of logistics. The Customer Portal was also key to providing a live conduit for our customers and clients and we were able to provide this and ensure our clients could easily access their data. We could provide this service easily with minimal training and disruption. Joblogic's customer portal is by far the best I have worked with, all our clients have been complimentary and very impressed with how it’s been working for them.

Richard Royal
General Manager
Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd.

Why Did They Choose Joblogic?

Kershaw has now been using Joblogic for nine months, after finding limited success with other software providers. General manager, Richard Royal stated that their previous provider was ‘struggling operationally’ to provide a solution to manage their field engineers efficiently. He added that there were limited support and development opportunities during his time with the previous provider. This meant that problems or queries he, or his team, raised were often unresolved. 

Richard has been thoroughly impressed with Joblogic’s system, highlighting the ability for his team to go paperless, as one of the main benefits of the software. Another advantage Richard noted was the proficient support team on hand to help his staff with any questions as they adjusted to the system. With insufficient support acting as a key factor in his decision to leave his previous software provider, Richard was pleased there were options out there with more of a focus on customer support.

What Has Been the Biggest Positive Change?

Richard believes Joblogic’s building maintenance software will save Kershaw costs on a daily basis – all of which can be redistributed. The advantage of going paperless has saved a considerable amount of time for Richard and his team. Without the burden of physical documents, which can be misplaced as well as take up space, a fully digital system can help to reduce errors and maximise efficiency.

Which features have been most beneficial?

The Asset Management functionality has been a crucial part of Kershaw’s everyday tasks. Details of every asset can be recorded by engineers on-site which can then be sent to the back office and added to a fully-fledged asset register. With this, management can keep track of their important equipment which also helps to reduce the time-consuming strain of admin tasks.

Kershaw has reduced the burden of Job Costing & Tracking with Joblogic. Allowing full data transparency between managers, engineers and customers alike. With real-time access to job information for all parties from creation to completion, you can be sure everyone remains well informed of the progressive status of each task.

With Joblogic’s Mobile Engineer App, Kershaw has access to live two-way communication between the back office and the mobile workforce. Jobs can be deployed to Kershaw’s engineers and reported on remotely, eliminating mistakes.

With bespoke Mobile Forms, Kershaw’s field engineers can be compliant with the necessary health and safety requirements before completing any task onsite. Using the mobile form builder, forms can be custom made to meet specific industry requirements. Engineers can then use the mobile app to complete these forms all before starting the job on-site.

Joblogic’s Planned Preventative Maintenance functionality has enabled Kershaw to manage contracts effectively, creating a PPM schedule to ensure no task is ever missed.

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