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Property Maintenance

Beechcroft BMS

Commercial 10 Users 50 Employees

Beechcroft BMS Ltd. are a leading property maintenance firm, specialising in refurbishments and building management services. Founded in 1994, the Bury-based business has a predominantly commercial client base, providing reactive building maintenance to a wide range of clients in the leisure and retail sectors.

Beechcroft currently employs 50 members of staff, including a team of field operatives to react to their customers’ maintenance issues as soon as they are reported.

Joblogic has enabled us to provide real-time information to our clients without the need for various other software platforms. The engineers are tracked, meaning greater ETA's can be provided. The software is continually developing and releases are issued regularly. With new updates comes new ways of working, which is better for the business.

Beechcroft BMS
Chris Claypole
Maintenance Manager
Beechcroft BMS Ltd

Why did they choose Joblogic?

A long-term customer of Joblogic, Beechcroft have been using the software for over five years now and have enjoyed seeing the system continually grow to suit their needs. Having used no other software providers prior to Joblogic, Beechcroft were keen to find a management solution to centralise their processes and go paperless. Having previously relied on spreadsheets and manual job reports, this was a big step for them.

Maintenance Manager, Chris Claypole explained how he was looking for an effective method of connecting the back office with his engineers in the field. With Joblogic, his office staff and engineers alike have been able to receive job updates in real-time which has allowed for important documents to be sent back to the office as soon as they are completed by an engineer on-site. This has vastly increased Beechcroft’s efficiency, with a quicker turnaround of admin tasks and faster job completion times. This not only helps them to provide a better service for their customers, but it also means that Chris’ team can complete more jobs per day.

What has been the biggest positive change?

Joblogic’s property maintenance software has helped Beechcroft to save both time and money, with a reduction in administration costs being a substantial part of this. Chris stated, however, that the major benefit since implementing the software has been the reduction of paper being used across the business. Joblogic’s system allows Chris and his team to automate many processes to help reduce the cost and environmental impact of excessive paperwork.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's accounts integration has eliminated the need for manual entry of accounting information, ensuring all data entered is accurate. Using Beechcroft's current job and costing information, the system can quickly calculate the invoice value, saving hours of data entry per week.

By allowing full data transparency between managers, engineers and customers alike, Joblogic's job costing capabilities allow all parties to view job information from creation to completion.

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given Beechcroft live, two-way communication between members in the office and staff out in the field. With this, jobs can be deployed to engineers and reported on remotely, guaranteeing that all information is accurate and mistake-free.

Bespoke mobile forms have been a helpful tool for Beechcroft, allowing field engineers to connect to the back office whilst out on jobs. On-site risk assessments can be carried out with ease and the management team back at the office can access a full overview of a job's life cycle.

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