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JC Watson

Commercial 12 Users 13 Employees

Essex-based company JC Watson has accrued over 40 years of experience in HVAC and Refrigeration and has since become an industry leader. Working in both the public and private sectors, JC Watson is an approved contractor with a number of NHS Trusts, local authorities and corporate businesses throughout the South East. Providing its clients with a 24/7 365 maintenance backup service, JC Watson also offers installation and rental services to cater to all of their customer needs.

All of JC Watson’s staff have access to Joblogic. The system has become an important part of their operations, helping both the back-office and mobile workforce to carry out their jobs more efficiently.

Since moving from the desktop version over to the cloud-based system, we have seen major improvements to our efficiency. Thanks to our reduction in paperwork, information is sent back to the office much faster.

JC Watson
Robert Kemp
Sales Manager
JC Watson

Why did they choose Joblogic?

JC Watson has now been using Joblogic’s cloud-based software for 3 years, having previously used the desktop version of the system. Sales Manager, Robert Kemp explained that customers were demanding a CRM system that could offer improved visibility of jobs. With Joblogic, JC Watson could give their customers more transparency and provide a much better service by offering real-time job status updates and notifications in the customer portal. This keeps its customers well-informed throughout the entire job process.

Since the switch to Joblogic’s web-based system, Robert has seen major improvements to the features they use on a daily basis as well as the overall functionality of the system. The speed of the new system allowed time-consuming office tasks to be completed much quicker. This means more jobs could be processed by the back-office on a daily basis.

What has been the biggest positive change?

Robert hailed the elimination of paperwork as the biggest benefit to JC Watson. Joblogic’s HVAC software has allowed Robert and his team to automate many office admin tasks, which saves valuable time each day and also reduces the chance of human error.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given JC Watson live, two-way communication between the back office and engineers. Jobs can be deployed to engineers who can update job information instantly in the field. This helps to ensure all paperwork is correctly completed and legible.

The Mobile Engineer Tracking functionality enhances the visibility of JC Watson’s field staff by tracking their mobile device to ensure managers know where they are at all times. This also provides a means of observing the engineers' productivity so they can be managed more effectively.

Dynamic dashboards have played a major role in the rapid growth of JC Watson. Robert and his team have access to an extensive custom-built reporting platform which has allowed their users to visualise company data and make informed business decisions. All important KPI’s can be analysed in real-time, including engineer productivity, job profitability and highest value customers.

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