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iDCC Services Ltd

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iDCC Services Ltd

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About iDCC Services Ltd

iDCC Services Ltd is an established family run building contractor with over 45 years of experience. Founded in 1972, they have been successfully operating in London and the Home Counties. iDCC specialises in construction, maintenance and refurbishment while working closely with sites that require special attention to security or sensitivity issues.

Work Completed by iDCC Services:

iDCC completed work

Over the years, they have grown an extremely prestigious client base, including various royal household estates, Pall Mall Members’ clubs, MOD sites, prisons and historic government buildings. iDCC’s client-driven approach enables them to deliver substantial tendered/estimated work, fixed-rate contracts and framework agreements to plan through a large chain of supply partners while retaining full support from their in-house workforce. iDCC’s internal teams of specialist engineers ensure all work passes the ISO 9001 quality checks. Additionally, call-out maintenance response times are minimal with 90% of calls served within 2 hours.

We are now able to view all jobs at a glance and easily see what needs to be attended to, allocated and invoiced.

iDCC Services Ltd
Isabella Mellish
PA to Managing Director
iDCC Services

iDCC Services & Joblogic

iDCC’s prior job management system involved using in-house software to control business commodities like allocating jobs and creating invoices. Since switching to Joblogic’s property maintenance software in December 2017, they have:

  • Rapidly enhanced their business processes by saving the amount of time it takes to complete admin tasks.
  • Discovered that their working practice is now far more efficient, especially in regards to reporting and viewing job information instantly.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Joblogic has enabled the iDCC team to connect their back office and mobile engineers with Joblogic’s integrated mobile app and back-office software. Engineers can send and receive all relevant job information in real-time, allowing them to complete their work more effectively.

Job information and reports can be viewed at a glance by managers. Joblogic has made it easy for iDCC to see exactly what tasks have been addressed and which engineers are currently their most productive. This allows them to make more informed decisions in future.

With the use of an integrated system, the invoicing process is much faster. This means that office staff no longer need to call engineers to find out invoice information for a job.

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