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Field Service Scheduling Software

Boost your business productivity and efficiency using the market leader in field service scheduling software. Send the right people to the right job at the right time and keep customers satisfied, jobs completed quicker and revenue flowing.

In the field service industry, it’s always important to know your next move. With Joblogic software, your home and commercial service business can plan for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Key Features & Benefits

Service Scheduling Software

Engineer Scheduling Made Simple

Any field service business with a large workforce will face challenges when it comes to service scheduling and dispatch. Choosing the right field workers for the right job assignments can be tricky, especially when working in a fast-paced business environment. That’s where Joblogic comes in. Our job scheduling software is designed to ensure that your field engineers are assigned to the right jobs at the right time, every time. Your scheduling efficiency will skyrocket and field you'll never miss another work order.

  • Automate service scheduling, job dispatch, business invoicing and more.
  • Assign the right engineer to a job at the first attempt.
  • Automatically convert calls into work orders and create new appointments in minutes.
  • Simplify service dispatch with drag & drop scheduling.
  • Optimise the travel routes of your field engineers to focus on the most important jobs.

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Field Service Scheduling Software

Create Automated Service Schedules

When running a field-based service business, efficient on-time service delivery is essential. You need to maximise your resource usage and cut unnecessary admin. Field service scheduling software can help to achieve this by automating your daily workflows to save time and resources each day.

Joblogic lets you automate:

  • Service and route scheduling.
  • Recurring maintenance contracts (schedule for weeks and months in advance).
  • Work orders (auto-convert approved estimates into live jobs with appointments).
  • Invoicing and online payments.
Service Scheduler

An Intuitive Drag & Drop Scheduler

Job scheduling software should not only be fast, but also easy to use. Joblogic’s drag-and-drop is the ideal job scheduling tool to manage and monitor your jobs by visualising your entire company schedule at a glance. You can quickly see any unassigned jobs and dispatch them to the engineers who have gaps in their calendar. With this, you’ll have everything you need to make instant and accurate scheduling decisions.

  • Schedule multiple jobs simultaneously in minutes.
  • Customise your drag and drop scheduler with colours and job filters to aid data visualisation.
  • Categorise jobs by urgency and engineers by trade and skill set.
  • Anticipate staff availability by viewing their current work status in real-time.
  • Keep old and new job information in an accessible, cloud-based location.

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Service Schedule Software

Track Engineer Locations and Schedule on the Fly

Joblogic integrates GPS tracking with its field service scheduling software to make engineers far easier to monitor in the field. This becomes a great tool when scheduling staff based on their proximity to incoming jobs. Managers can check the live map on-screen and review an engineer’s availability before assigning a new job to them on the spot. Joblogic will also automatically optimise the travel routes of your techs on the road. This is ideal for prioritising the most important jobs each day.

  • View an engineer's live proximity to a customer site.
  • Track historical staff locations and completed jobs.
  • Assign work to field staff based on their live location and skill set.
  • Get instant insights into your engineers' current job status.
  • Optimise staff’s route schedules to prioritise work, save time, and complete more jobs per day.
Scheduling Software For Field Service

Keep Engineers on Schedule with a Mobile App

A mobile app allows schedulers to communicate in real-time with their service engineers in the field. They can send automated alerts to notify field staff of new work orders, rescheduled appointments, and job reassignments. It’s also a great way of keeping track of an engineer's live job status.

As soon an engineer completes their work onsite and updates their status on the app, schedulers will receive an automated job completion alert. From here, it's a few easy clicks to assess staff availability and dispatch new work as soon as it comes through the door. This removes the guesswork and lets you ramp up scheduling efficiency on a daily basis.

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What our Customers Said

Live updated planning and predictive scheduling for the field service engineers was critical for our operations and client delivery. The Joblogic scheduler has already provided us with this platform and brought massive efficiencies to the planning and management of logistics.

Richard Royal
General Manager at Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd.

Joblogic has saved us both time and resources by allowing us to schedule jobs and allocate them straight out to our field engineers. They don’t have to return to the office and they can accept jobs through their phone on the mobile app.

Andy Gomm
Business Development Manager at Wall-Lag Ltd.
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Field Service Scheduling Software FAQs

Service scheduling (aka job scheduling) is the process of optimising resources, business processes and service delivery. In field service management, service scheduling refers to the process of assigning jobs to engineers in the field. Field service scheduling software is the technology used to help service teams track and communicate with their field engineers in real-time. They can assign, reallocate, and reschedule work orders in a few simple clicks to prioritise the most important jobs.

When you bring in job scheduling software like Joblogic you’ll find that there are a number of benefits for both your back office and field service teams. This can range from improved efficiencies in your general business processes, faster response times for your customer, and automating, via event triggers, complex workflows that drain time and resources from your teams. It can also allow you to manage, and monitor work orders and jobs from both mobile devices and desktops, giving you complete control wherever you are.

Job scheduling software can be expensive for field service businesses. Joblogic, however, offers a product that is both effective and very reasonably priced. Starting from $50 per user per month, you can choose from a number of affordable monthly and annual options. Visit our pricing page for more details.