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About Turnkey Instruments Ltd.

Turnkey Instruments Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality industrial and scientific instrumentation, ranging from heavy vehicle brake testers to air quality monitoring equipment. Over the years, Turnkey has gained a reputation for supplying reliable, easy-to-use instrumentation to a wide range of industries. Especially mining, quarrying, rail transportation and the world’s police forces.

Turnkey Instruments Ltd. was founded in 1990, initially with only one product and just one employee. In September 1991, the company moved to Gadbrook Park, Northwich and today, have over 10 in-house products and over 20 employees.

Turnkey engineer

Joblogic has allowed us to stem this workflow into a manageable global system allowing us to continually grow without ever becoming overwhelmed.

Turnkey Instruments
Paul Moloney
Assistant General Manager & Service Manager
Turnkey Instruments Ltd

Why Joblogic?

By switching to Joblogic’s equipment maintenance software, Turnkey has been able to achieve the following results:

  • Their customer base has grown exponentially over the years, and the number of products going out and coming in became too large for them to keep track. Regarding general organisation, a basic paper system was not efficient enough.
  • They now have a system in which everybody knows exactly what’s going on and the ability to update everyone simultaneously.
  • Turnkey’s processes are now one of the best in the business, and as such, their productivity now knows no bounds.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Turnkey can effectively track every job from start to finish with continuous feedback from both engineers and customers. This enables them to provide the best service for their customers.

Joblogic has helped Turnkey to connect their office team with their field workforce, enabling real-time updates and interconnectivity. Job sheets, notes, site photos, mobile forms and more can be easily sent and received on the mobile app.

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