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Temp Air Solutions

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Faster, Error-free F-Gas compliance for Temp Air Solutions

HVAC company, Temp Air Solutions, has been using Joblogic software to completely overhaul their job management process to enable error free F-Gas compliance, which also saves them half a day per week in admin.

With over 25 years in the industry, Midlands-based Temp Air has experienced significant business growth utilising Joblogic’s multipurpose software. This has enabled real-time communication between engineers and office staff, and has created a platform from which all members of staff can access from any device at any time.

Paperwork submitted to customers is no longer handwritten. It is now clearer and much more modern looking. Invoicing is quicker and easier to do thus freeing up time in the office to do other things. Over the last year, the ability to access Joblogic from anywhere has been absolutely essential for working from home. We have been able to offer our customers the same service even when the office has been closed.

Temp Air Solutions
Charlotte Turner
Service Administrator
Temp Air Solutions

Significant time saved with F-Gas compliance

It is crucial that HVAC specialists Temp Air can ensure they are compliant with F-gas regulations on every job. Service Administrator, Charlotte Turner, explained that before implementing Joblogic, she and her team used a paper-based system which was an extremely time-consuming process and increased the likelihood of errors.

Using Joblogic software has saved roughly 12 hours of admin time by producing detailed F-Gas reports at the click of a button, which can be broken down into date ranges, sites, systems and assets. On their previous system, Charlotte would have to request reports to be created which also cost money each time. Charlotte is thrilled that Joblogic’s F-Gas tracking has saved Temp Air both time and money, and she is confident that they are now F-Gas compliant. 

Refreshingly user-friendly system

Charlotte credited Joblogic’s ease of use and accessibility as one of the main deciding factors in choosing Joblogic. Having their user licenses split between engineers and the back-office staff, Charlotte and her colleagues find the system simple and intuitive. Charlotte also explained that her engineers found adopting Joblogic far simpler than their previous system. With little support with onboarding and an unclear user interface, Charlotte and her team were keen to use another software system to increase their efficiency and enhance their customer service.

Which features have been most beneficial?

The software allows multiple people to log and view jobs at the same time. Charlotte and her team can see the status of each job in real-time as it progresses from creation to completion. Joblogic keeps both customers and management informed on job progress and an invoice can be sent instantly upon completion.

Joblogic's bespoke Mobile Forms enable Temp Air’s field engineers to be compliant with all of the health and safety requirements prior to completing a task onsite. The mobile app allows forms to be custom-made using the mobile form builder, giving management the freedom to create mobile forms that are adjusted to their specific industry requirements.

Joblogic's mobile engineer app has given Temp Air live, two-way communication between the back office and engineers. Jobs can be deployed to engineers who can update job information instantly in the field. This helps to ensure all paperwork is correctly completed and legible.

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