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Anderson Property Services (APSFM) | Happy Customers | Joblogic®

Facilities Management

Anderson Property Services (Scotland) APSFM

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Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson – Founder, APSFM

Experienced property maintenance experts, Anderson Property Services and Facilities Management (APSFM), have seen a huge uplift in their engineers’ efficiency since upgrading their field service management software to Joblogic. Joblogic’s planner has reduced the time taken to stay organised and up-to-date, and it allows engineers to keep the back-office updated with works that are being carried out in real-time.

APSFM, founded by Scott Anderson, pictured to the left, has been running nationally for over 15 years and has provided first-class planned, reactive, and compliance maintenance services to a variety of business sectors, which include retail, commercial, offices, leisure, insurance, property management, and FM.

Joblogic has enabled us to streamline our processes and procedures whilst reducing paperwork. The planner allows us to schedule jobs within KPI timescales. Our engineers can view their planners and provide updates for works carried out for our clients in real-time.

Anderson Property Services
Grace Bates
Office Manager
Anderson Property Services (Scotland) APSFM

Transition from spreadsheets to powerful field service management software to streamline business operations

APSFM has been using Joblogic for over 15 years. Office manager, Grace Bates, explained that prior to utilizing Joblogic, APSFM had been using spreadsheets rather than field service management software for their operations. The team were looking for a user-friendly solution for quoting, reporting and forms so Joblogic was the obvious choice. The upgrade to Joblogic has increased productivity by streamlining processes and increasing visibility and efficiency.

Grace and the rest of the APSFM team can now quickly and conveniently create and share quotes and reports between the workforce as well as their clients and suppliers. The time and hassle saved has increased satisfaction among APSFM’s workforce and customers.

Empowering field engineers with the industry-leading Joblogic mobile app

A big aspect of Joblogic that APSFM found appealing was the mobile app. Grace explained that Joblogic enabled their engineers to view their planners as well as provide updates for works carried out for their clients in real-time.

Once they logged a job in the Joblogic system, APSFM is able to select an engineer and deploy it directly to their mobile device. It can take as little as seconds for the engineer to receive a new job. The mobile app will automatically notify them when a new job request is received.

A user-friendly system

As mentioned previously, the key criteria for APSFM when selecting a field service management software option was for it to be user-friendly. Joblogic’s free demo helped Grace and her team get a deep understanding of the software, and the intuitive and user-friendly interface meant using the Joblogic was a breeze from the start.

Joblogic also offers 24/7 customer support so on the rare occasion Grace or one of her colleagues had a query, they received the support service they required straight away.

Which features have been most beneficial?

Using Joblogic software for job costing has made it easy for APSFM to track costs against all of their jobs. APSFM use the software to automatically feed time and costs into reports and invoices. This helps make tracking and reporting as streamlined as possible.

Joblogic’s job tracking software enables multiple members of one team to simultaneously log in and track the progress of work orders in real-time. Grace and her team can all see the status of each job throughout its lifecycle from creation to completion. This makes it very easy to keep both APSFM’s customers and managers updated on job progress. An invoice can be sent instantly upon completion as well.

Joblogic’s dynamic dashboard reporting revolutionised APSFM’s operations. Grace and her team now have access to a cohesive, custom-built reporting platform which enables them to increase efficiency by visualising company data to make informed decisions. APSFM analyse all their important KPIs in real-time, empowering Grace and her team to make more informed business decisions.

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