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Accurate Mechanical Services | Happy Customers | Joblogic®


Accurate Mechanical Services

Commercial & Residential 8 Users 10 Employees

Accurate Mechanical Services Ltd. is an Aldershot-based firm specialising in HVAC & Refrigeration. Originally founded in 1994, AMS has since become a key name within the industry, providing a high-quality service to customers within the South East & West of England. Working with both domestic and commercial clients, the company provides a 24/7 breakdown service and carries out Planned Preventative Maintenance all year round to prevent equipment failures. Currently, 80% of AMS’ staff use Joblogic’s HVAC software, which is split between their back-office staff and engineers out in the field. 

Joblogic has enabled us to switch from a server-based system to a cloud-based one which allows us to work better remotely and given what has happened with COVID, has proved to be a great move for us.

Daniel Cain
Business Development Manager
Accurate Mechanical Services Ltd

Why did they choose Joblogic?

AMS has been using Joblogic since March 2020. Prior to this, AMS had been using a different service management software provider, but Business Development Manager, Daniel Cain, was eager to look elsewhere for a better system. Daniel explained that their previous software was not a cloud-based platform which eliminated the possibility of remote working. This also meant that engineers on the go could not use the software to check information or update their progress. Despite searching for a new software provider during a pandemic, Daniel feels this gave him and his colleagues more time to plan and choose the software which best suited them.

Daniel and his colleagues were keen to find a system that allowed greater usability for the whole team. After shopping around and having a few demos with various software providers, Daniel and the AMS team decided Joblogic was the best fit for them. Daniel explained that other providers they sampled were too specific, whereas Joblogic covered all areas of job management. 

Remote working has become the new normal for many businesses in the past year. Joblogic’s cloud-based software has enabled AMS’ staff to use the system from any location. This not only helps their employees work from home unimpeded, but the mobile app allows engineers to report on jobs while out in the field. Another huge benefit this brought to AMS was the ability for real-time communication across the business. Engineers can keep office staff updated on job progress and upon completion, the back office can create an invoice for the customer immediately.

What has been the biggest positive change?

Joblogic’s HVAC software has brought numerous improvements to many of AMS’ operations, which has led to considerable savings in both time and money on a daily basis. Daniel believes that having data stored in a cloud-based system has been key to increasing efficiency. The AMS team has been able to bring together their installation and maintenance services to work effectively from one platform. This helps to ensure that all information across the business is centralised, allowing employees to view important data anytime, anywhere. 

Which features have been most beneficial?

Job Costing has been made easy for AMS to track costs against even the smallest jobs. Costs can be monitored in real-time, which helps AMS' staff to check whether field engineers are quoting their jobs accurately.

The software allows multiple people to log and view jobs at the same time. Daniel and his team can see the status of each job in real-time as it progresses from creation to completion. Joblogic keeps both customers and management informed on job progress and an invoice can be sent instantly upon completion.

Joblogic’s Asset Management has helped AMS significantly in their recording and reporting. Details of each asset are now easily recorded by engineers on-site which are sent immediately to the back office and added to a fully comprehensive asset register. This ensures easy access of asset information and histories, as well as reducing the time-consuming administrative burden in the process.

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