Weblogic News and Releases


In this article you will find the latest release news and features for our Weblogic product.

August 31st – WebLogic

    • Site User maintenance has been updated to allow multiple Users per site –We have now added the ability to create weblogic accounts for multiple users at a site.
    • The WebLogic dashboard menu can now be hidden if the user does not have access to any dashboards.
    • Site search screen updated to show contact name
    • Fault Codes – Add/Edit have been added to jobs –The weblogic user can now add fault codes on the main job screen. Only one fault code type can be assigned to each job (eg. You can’t have two with the same code) This option is managed by a setting to turn it on or off
    • Added Job Status multi-select drop down onto Job search screen –Similar the new area multi select, you can now choose a number of statuses to view or search by on the job screen.
    • Parts required has been added to the Visits Section of Jobs. This option is managed by a setting to turn it on or off.
      A setting has been added to WebLogic which allows you to choose whether to display the calculated quote line total or the quote value or both. This setting is only available for JobLogic Enterprise users.
    • Added ability to show all quotes for staff user JobLogic users , who use weblogic, now have the ability to see all quotes for all customers. (This is controlled by a user permission).
    • Insurance Dates on the site detail screen will now only show date and not the time.


  • WebLogic Live Tracking Map:
    • A new icon will now display with an ‘ ! ‘ for any engineers who have a last location update from before the current day & time.
    • A new section has been added to the left of the page which lists engineers and their last location update times. This is ordered by the most recent update first.
    • A coloured icon next to the engineer name, in the new section, matches the colour of the icon on the map itself, making it easier to identify each engineer.
    • Clicking the engineer name (or anywhere on that particular row) in the new section will automatically jump straight to that engineer’s location on the map itself.
  • Added Area multi-select drop down onto Job search screen –We have added the function to be able to display and/or search for specific areas (against the site) on the job screen.

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