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Making payments to JobLogic is really easy using GoCardless; a secure online payments company. It allows businesses (like us) to collect payments from their customers quickly and easily.

What’s in it for You?

GoCardless is great because it provides a quick and simple way of setting up regular payments from you to us without the hassle of creating a traditional Direct Debit mandate. GoCardless replaces the need to go through the hassle of creating paperwork which is the usual process when setting up a regular payment.

Our whole business model revolves around freeing service management companies like you from the shackles of paperwork, so what better way to do it than with a simple, secure and efficient way of making online payments?

It’s a hassle free way of making regular payments and once set up, you can even use it to make one off payments too.

Can I Cancel it?

Just like a regular Direct Debit, you can cancel any time. Without the complication of paperwork of course.

Your first step towards efficiency

Do more jobs per day without employing more staff. Get your invoices out the door quickly and improve your cash flow.

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