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Joblogic Case Study

A quickly growing customer base, lack of back office organisation and the use of many disconnected business applications encouraged Airco to take the step of introducing Joblogic to their company. The use of Joblogic empowered Airco to improve their overall operations and assisted them with their continuous growth through using their time and resource more efficiently. Their continuing use of Joblogic Mobile has enhanced how their office staff and engineers work together by enabling constant, real-time communication without relying on paperwork.

About Airco

Airco first began in 1991 by 1 contractor and his van in Yorkshire, specialising in predominantly refrigeration services. Now it has grown into one of the UK’s leading multi-disciplinary building companies, offering air-conditioning, electrical, heating and renewables solutions; who employ almost 100 staff members all across the country.

How has Joblogic helped Airco to grow?

Joblogic has transformed Airco’s back office administration:

  • All data is now stored in one system instead of lots of paperwork and unmanageable spreadsheets.
  • Asset management is easier than ever as all important company information is stored in one place. Planned preventative maintenance is now effortless to organise between Airco, customers and contracts.
  • Users are consistently able to follow jobs through from start to finish – this includes quoting, logging jobs and invoicing.
  • Airco’s customer base grew by 30% in the first 2 years of using Joblogic, and they employed additional 30% of engineers.
  • Call management and deployment used to be difficult to monitor on spreadsheets, but now engineer’s time is used more efficiently. Airco can see where the engineers are so they can allocate them jobs, and fit more work into one day.
  • After implementing Joblogic the decision was made to introduce Joblogic Mobile to ensure real-time communication between the office staff and engineers, and to improve efficiency of jobs.

Since using Joblogic Mobile:

  • Engineers have instant access to job data via tablets and mobile phones.
  • Timesheet data, parts used & requested, along with photographs, notes and customer signatures are captured instantly.
  • All mobile forms can be completed from a handheld device and are returned instantly to the office. This allows for invoicing to be completed quicker due to elimination of paperwork.



The biggest benefit is the maintenance management system where you can plan your maintenance visits and Joblogic will automatically generate your jobs for you. It’s really improved the way we used to work compared to the traditional T-Card system which had become hard to manage.

Nick Oxtoby
Operations Director

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