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Mobile (Android) News and Releases


In this article you will find the latest release news and features for our Mobile (Android) product. Due End of September 2016 - Android v1.0.44.

    • Added ability for engineers to view site warning messages Engineers can now view the site warning alerts inside the visit details screen, as well as being made aware there is a warning message on their visit list (job list) screen.
    • Added ability to deduct engineer’s location stock if any part is used against a job – This must be used in conjunction with StockLogic.
    • Added ability for engineers to view attachments against assets – Engineers can now view any attachments added to as asset by the office.
  • Added ability to control the visibility of site notes feature based on settings
  • Added ability for engineers to suspend site assets to keep assets register updated – Engineers now have the ability to suspend/decommission assets, on a site to help maintain the asset register.
    • Added ability for engineers to over type part description once selected from the list – Engineers can now choose a part from the parts list and edit the description if required to.
  • Added ability for engineers to search and filter assets on listing screen – We have added a search filter on the asset screen, giving the engineer the ability to search for a particular asset or filter the screen list.

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