Latest Release Notes


Read our latest release notes including Joblogic Web updates & bug fixes and Joblogic Mobile updates & bug fixes.

Joblogic Web Updates

  • To allow the office staff to set specific tasks for your engineers to complete per visit, Job Tasks have been introduced. Each job task is stored in a Task Library and can be completed via Joblogic mobile with specific date and time stamps.
  • Instead of manually accepting costs from Joblogic, Auto Job Costing has been introduced. This means that all costs will automatically be added to a job for a more streamlined experience when it comes to invoicing. If this feature is not required, it can be switched off in company settings to revert back to manual costing.
  • The invoice header field will now display on all invoices printed/downloaded/emailed from Joblogic via the Invoice Detail page. Please note: his field will not display if the invoice does not have a header set against it.
  • To improve usability, the scheduler screen has been updated so it is more responsive.
  • To avoid confusion with our new Job Tasks feature, task type has been renamed to job category and job category on quote has been renamed to job type.

Joblogic Web Bug Fixes

  • A notification message is no longer sent to an engineer if a job has been assigned to but not deployed to them.

Joblogic Mobile Updates

  • To improve the workflow structure, we have added the functionality to allow engineers to transfer a site asset directly to a job asset directly from the asset details screen.
  • To enhance office to engineer updates, real time synchronization from devices to back office has been improved.
  • The updated application allows engineers to travel home only once after a visit has been completed. If the visit update arrives again as a new visit, the ability to travel home on completion will become available again.
  • To tie in with the new job tasks feature, a tasks action button is added on the visit detail screen which will show listing of each of the tasks against the visit. This section remains completely editable if completed or not.

Joblogic Mobile Bug Fixes

  • The date picker has now been updated to allow engineers to select a date up to 15 years in advance of the current date.
  • Job asset notes and asset notes have now been updated to ensure that notes added in either section are saved to the correct area.
  • The error message triggered when entering the maximum mileage range has been updated from 1,000,000 to 100,000.
  • To prevent deletion of attachment files, a bug has been fixed to prevent users from deleting an attachment, if it has not yet been uploaded onto the Joblogic server.

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