Introducing New User Interface


Over the past few months our developers have been working hard to create a brand-new image to give you a completely fresh experience when using our software. We have been listening to your feedback and we have recently completed an alpha release of our new UI.

While our new user interface does boast some new features, our focus has been mainly making our system mobile friendly. We know that users from companies, that are both big and small, tend to be frequently on the go; so it is important for us to listen to this direction and make the system usable for all.

So, what has changed?

1. Mobile & tablet compatibility

As mentioned in the introduction, one of our main focuses for Joblogic’s new UI is creating an interface that is completely compatible with tablets and mobile devices, as we have found a large portion of our customer base prefer to use Joblogic on the go. To achieve this, we have spent time looking at how we can adapt our current format and make the system more intuitive and easier to navigate. Some examples of this include changing the job details screen so the sections are easily identified by labels, and ordering sections by importance to ensure all job information is found where you would expect it to be. Over the next few weeks you will see a few more minor adjustments to Joblogic to improve your overall user experience and make the system more accessible for a variety of preferred working methods.

2. Home screen

The first thing you will notice when you log into Joblogic is that our home screen has been redesigned. We have relocated the getting started tool so it is a more prominent feature within the system, in the hope of equipping businesses with the essential tools needed to go live with Joblogic as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We know it can be stressful employing a new system, so our aim with this change will be to strip away the fear of the unknown, give you a familiar area to return to with step by step tasks to give you a helping hand.

3. Main menu

Another major change you will see is that the main menu has been moved from the drop-down section on the top right-hand side of the screen, to its own navigation bar shown on the left side of the screen. This has been moved to give our users easier accessibility to the important features of the system, and leave the original drop-down menu exclusively for access to user profiles. Additionally, the buttons have been changed to be more intuitive, so instead plain icons we have added labels to ensure more clarity and less confusion.


4. Metrics and numbers

Finally, we have put a larger focus into metrics and numbers to give you a better insight to your current business progress and health. One of the main factors you will notice is at the top of the screen during your trial period, we will give you a countdown of days you have left to keep using Joblogic for free. This will ensure you are no longer spending time worrying about the time you have to get to know Joblogic, and investing more time into some real productive work. Additionally, our getting started screen will give you a live count of your customers, sites, quotes, invoices and engineers that have been set up in Joblogic.

Going forward our aim will be to further refine the system to ensure it’s the best of its kind, and to give our users a completely unique experience when it comes to service management software. A Beta release will be coming soon with the new skin fully integrated, along with some new and exciting upcoming features. To find out more please call our sales team on 0800 326 5561, or sign up for a FREE, no obligation, 30-Day Trial!

In the meantime, we would like to know what you think about our new UI so please leave your short feedback here.

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