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Growing with Goldman Sachs


We're proud to have been a recent participant in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small BusinessesProgramme being held at Aston Business School. It's an intensive programme designed to support small businesses in their quest for growth by helping them to create the jobs and opportunities which will fuel this growth. The programme is currently available nationwide through four partners in London (University College London), the Midlands (Aston University), the Northwest (Manchester Metropolitan University Business School) and Yorkshire (Leeds University Business School).

James Whatmore, managing director of JobLogic attended the course and found it beneficial to help JobLogic provide better services for their customers and create a path for sustained growth that means the business will continue to expand and take on new staff as time goes on.

JobLogic has grown rapidly over the last two years and to help us continue along our path of growth, I wanted to seek advice from both experts and peers in small business to help me develop a sustainable plan/

James Whatmore
Managing Director

The course is fairly intensive, running for a period of around six months. It requires at least one full day of commitment per week, during which time you will learn how to construct a growth plan and attend workshops to help you create and update that plan.

Each module covers a different aspect of business growth. The most memorable for me was the financial workshop where I learned a great deal about cash flow forecasting and the potential for over-trading which is something that happens when a business tries to grow too quickly. The Vision module was the most valuable as it challenges you to put yourself into the future having achieved an ambitious growth target. The workshop helps you to work back from this point of success to help you implement the plans necessary to make it happen.”

Internally, we have encouraged each department to be self organising teams. As a group, we all understand the vision and how we will all be instrumental in achieving it. The course has given me as the leader confidence in setting an ambitious growth plan which has included challenging me to assess what type of business we want to be and what type of customers we want to attract. The vision has been embraced by all of us at JobLogic and we see it as both challenging and exciting.

The most important thing to take away from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businessesprogramme is that it is important to create a plan and stick to it. It is too easy to simply drift along in business, neglecting strategy and new tools or information that would help you to grow. We will make sure that we stay on course by revisiting the growth plan regularly. It will assist us in key decision making around finance, product development, recruitment and marketing.

The commitment period can seem high, especially if you need to travel a long distance to your nearest location, but in the end, the benefit to your customers and employees will more than make up for that sacrifice.

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