5 Reasons Your HVAC Business Growth Is Stunted


If you haven't experienced the HVAC business growth you expected, there may be a number of factors involved. From poor planning to inefficient engineers, it might seem you have a dozen obstacles to overcome before you can grow your business. If you're trying to unravel why you can't expand your company as you'd like, it's time to bring some clarity to your problems.

Instead of blaming the crazy back office, let’s look specifically at the situations that are hampering your company. While it’s not an exhaustive list, here are five reasons your HVAC business growth is stunted and what you can do about it.

  1. You spend too much time in unnecessary administration

As a business leader, your job is to trailblaze the way toward better processes, more business and increased revenue for your HVAC company. That’s simply impossible if you spend the majority of your time in administration.

To see if you’re trapped in this pitfall, consider if these descriptions fit you:

  • I spend too much of my time telling my engineers the details of their jobs.
  • I spend too much of my time directing my employees’ schedules.
  • I spend too much of my time communicating the same information over and over again.

If you’re spending the majority of your time trying to organise a thousand flying pieces, it’s difficult to investigate new markets and make strategic plans for growth.

  1. You struggle to maximise your engineer’s time

Administration isn’t the only thing bogging you down. Failing to leverage every hour your engineers spend on the job can contribute to your stunted HVAC business growth.

For instance, your engineers may travel unnecessary distances to jobs because you lack mobile engineer tracking. Or your engineers may waste time waiting for a job to be assigned to them. Scenarios like these will create unnecessary costs and waste precious hours that could be spent on a project.

3. You struggle to implement planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

The absence of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) can put your HVAC business in a tailspin. In contrast, collecting historical data will help you plan jobs for your regular clients into the future.

Without PPM, sudden customer emergencies can hamper HVAC business growth, draining your time and resources with unplanned jobs and expenditures.

  1. Your engineers are spending too much time in the office

Another possible reason your HVAC company is going nowhere is because your engineers simply spend too much time in your office. Time in the office is time away from revenue-producing jobs and business growth. The reasons for this can be many. Perhaps your mobile workers need to drop off regulatory compliance paperwork or complete another task. However, it’s still a sign your business needs to increase productivity by eliminating these unnecessary visits.

  1. You don’t have enough data to realise opportunities for growth

A lack of data is a sure way to limit your HVAC business growth. Without systematised records on equipment for engineers and customers, you cannot plan for the needs of systems, much less expand your business.

To see what you’re missing, here are some ways data can boost your bottom line:

  • With data, you can see the characteristics of your most profitable clients. This will inform your strategy as you seek to branch into other markets.
  • With data, you have the ability to track your engineers’ travel routes. This allows you to correct problem behaviors and decrease costs.
  • With data, you can discover the average length and cost of certain projects, allowing you to incorporate these factors into future sales.

Whether your HVAC business is suffering from a lack of data or a lack of PPM, the reality is that all five of these problems can be solved with field service management software.

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